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Smart Alert Errors 109xx - APDI Errors

APDI (Amcom Paging Database Interface) Errors



The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the APDI (Amcom Paging Database Interface) module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
10900 APDI No Response The ZBIF application is not responding.
10901 APDI Invalid Prompt The specified prompt is not recognized by ZBIF.
10902 APDI Invalid Initialization File The initialization file is unreadable or has an invalid section or keyword.
10903 APDI Invalid Port The specified port cannot be opened.
10904 APDI Invalid Login The specified login SQL is invalid. Please check LOGIN SQL in the initialization file.
10905 APDI Invalid Model The specified pager model or type is not found in the apdi templates configuration file. Please contact Amcom (Smart Suite) support to correct the problem.
10906 APDI Template Not Found The specified template name from the template configuration files is not found the APDI database. Please contact Amcom (Smart Suite) support to correct the problem.
10907 APDI Connection Lost Connection to the ZBIF interface has been lost. Please reboot the APDI PC to correct the problem. If the connection is not re-established between the Amcom (Smart Suite) APDI interface and ZBIF, please contact Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
10908 APDI Connect Re-Established This is a success message indicating that connection between the Amcom (Smart Suite) APDI interface and ZBIF has been re-established.