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Smart Alert Errors 120xx - SMTP Errors

SMTP Errors



The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the SMTP module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
12050 SMTP Invalid Initialization File The initialization file is unreadable or has an invalid section or keyword.
12051 SMTP Invalid Login An error has occurred while trying to log in to the database.
12052 SMTP Invalid Packet The page packet is invalid. Either smtp_page.dmn has failed to allocate enough memory, failed to initialize the page packet, or the page packet is pointing to an invalid pointer.
12053 SMTP Invalid Message The message to be sent out is blank or unreadable.
12054 SMTP Temporary File Error smtp_page.dmn has failed to open a temporary file.
12055 SMTP System Error smtp_page.dmn has failed to execute the system command that sends a temporary file to the specified email address. Please check the MAIL COMMAND which is defined in the initialization file.
12056 SMTP Invalid Pager ID The pager id or the email address is invalid.
12057 SMTP Adding a row into email log table has failed. May have ran out of extents.