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Smart Alert Errors 120xx - SNPP READER (SNPP_IN) Errors




The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the SNPP READER (SNPP_IN) module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
12000 SNPP READER Invalid Connection Type The connection type defined in the initialization file is not supported.
12001 SNPP READER Invalid Process ID The process ID passed to snpp.dmn was not found in the initialization file.
12002 SNPP READER Invalid Port The specified port cannot be opened.
12003 SNPP READER Connection Failed Opening or connecting with the specified port has failed.
12004 SNPP READER Invalid Initialization File The initialization file is unreadable or has an invalid section or keyword.
12005 SNPP READER Invalid Login The specified login SQL is invalid. Please check LOGIN SQL in the initialization file.