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Smart Alert Errors 123xx - LDAP Module Errors

LDAP Module Errors



The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the LDAP module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
12300 LDAP Invalid Initialization File The initialization file is invalid or could not be read. Please contact Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12301 LDAP Invalid Data Format The specified data format in the initialization file is invalid. Please contact Amcom (Smart Suite) support so that DATA FORMAT keyword is adjusted to a supported value.
12302 LDAP Invalid Initialization File Name The specified initialization file name is invalid. Please notify Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12303 LDAP Initialization File Open Error The specified initialization file cannot be opened. Please notify Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12304 LDAP Initialization File Reading Error Could not read all of the parameters from the initialization file. Please notify Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12305 LDAP Invalid Object One of the objects of rules, list or communication device is invalid. Please check the debug file and/or notify Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12306 LDAP New LDIF File Missing The specified new LDIF file was not found. Please check with the LDAP department and/or Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12307 LDAP Invalid Login Invalid module or login SQL statement was found in the initialization file. Please notify Amcom (Smart Suite) support.
12308 LDAP LDAP Records Failed Some records have been rejected and were not applied to the database. Please notify Amcom (Smart Suite) support so that the database, the records, and other LDAP related resources will be checked.