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Smart Alert Errors 183xx - Glenayre Errors




The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the GLENAYRE module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
18301 GLENAYRE Character Error Parity error - incoming data failed the automatic parity check. Framing error - bad/missing front porch, start/stop bits. Request from billing computer longer than maximum allowed. Overrun error - characters lost by serial port.
18302 GLENAYRE 30-Second Time-Out Delay between received characters exceeded 30 seconds.
18303 GLENAYRE Unknown Request The request (@xx) is not currently supported by the system.
18304 GLENAYRE Unsupported Key Name/Table Number Currently only key 01, customer number, is supported. Or, the paging system table indicated by the table number received does not exist. (@GD and @MD only).
18305 GLENAYRE Unsupported Data Field The indicated data field name is not currently supported.
18306 GLENAYRE Bad Key Field Value/Record Number The key field value received was an invalid customer number or an incorrectly formatted customer number. Or, The record number received either does not exist in the paging system table or it cannot be viewed/edited. (@GD and @MD only).
18307 GLENAYRE Bad Data Value Indicated data field value was invalid or incorrectly formatted.
18308 GLENAYRE Duplicated Key Field Value The billing computer failed to specify just one key field value.
18310 GLENAYRE Illegal/Wrong Request Formatg Request from billing computer did not have valid format. Or, The billing computer does not recognize the CNTL-B and CNTL-D delimiters for alphatext messages (for example, ^Balphatext^D).
18311 GLENAYRE No Records Found Bad key field value entered, or customer does not exist.
18313 GLENAYRE Record Already Reserved The billing computer asked to modify or create a subscriber record that was in use by another part of the paging system (rare), or was in use by a GL3000 operator (common).
18314 GLENAYRE Unable to Allocate Resource The GL3000 does not have the memory resources available to create/modify the subscriber record(s) that require message services, group call, or extended group.
18316 GLENAYRE Option Not Enabled Cannot modify character count for TWOTONE subscribers. Cannot modify A-tone or B-tone for non-TWOTONE subs.
18317 GLENAYRE Call Blocked The request from the billing computer to send a page (using @PO) designated a blocked coverage region.
18318 GLENAYRE Command TooShort Unexpected end of request; more characters were expected.
18319 GLENAYRE Command Too Long The length of the request exceeded the Computer Data Buffer Length, or was too long to be sent over the network. The maximum allowable length for data_value_list for any GCP command is 500 characters.
18320 GLENAYRE Node Select Error The billing computer requested a computer protocol connection over the network to a GL3000 terminal that does not exist. This error will be generated for any request except the null request until a valid select node request (@SN) is made.
18321 GLENAYRE Node Timed Out Unable to respond to the billing computer's @SN request for a protocol connection over the network The billing computer is still conversing with the local GL3000, and should not reply (the local GL3000 has already tried several times). Try again later.
18322 GLENAYRE Value out of Range The indicated data field value is out of range.
18323 GLENAYRE Data List Too Long There were more than 44 items in the data list of the request.
18324 GLENAYRE Task is Busy Busy servicing another remote connection (can service only one remote connection at a time). Therefore unable to establish a connection to the billing computer. Try again later.
18325 GLENAYRE No Previous Output The first request received from the billing computer was @RP.
18326 GLENAYRE Output Will Be Too Long The reply to the last request is too long to transmit.
18327 GLENAYRE Access to Node Denied Attempt to sign on to another node through the protocol port was unsuccessful (other node not responding, time out etc.)
18328 GLENAYRE Key List Too Long There were more than 44 key fields specified in the range command.
18329 GLENAYRE Unknown Operator Unable to recognize the given range command search operator.
18330 GLENAYRE No More Records Found in Search Map Expected to find more range command records.
18331 GLENAYRE Network Session Timeout Range command network session timeout.
18332 GLENAYRE Search Number Parse Error Range command failed to parse the search result number correctly.
18333 GLENAYRE Database Busy Database too busy for range command search.
18334 GLENAYRE Invalid Search Parameter Illegal key value used.
18335 GLENAYRE @GO Time-Out Delay before receiving @GO exceeded one minute.
18336 GLENAYRE Record is Read Only Read-Only records cannot be edited.
18337 GLENAYRE Empty Data Page Empty data page is discarded and not sent.
18338 GLENAYRE Read Error Cannot read command string.
18339 GLENAYRE Graceful shutdown initiated The paging terminal operator has initiated a graceful shutdown.
18340 GLENAYRE Subscriber absent The paging customer being called is presently absent.
18341 GLENAYRE No Retransmission Service The subscriber has no retransmission service.
18342 GLENAYRE No Mailbox The subscriber has no mailbox.
18343 GLENAYRE Message Not Found The messages being retrieved or retransmitted do not exist.
18344 GLENAYRE Page Acknowledgment Error Failed to guarantee the page when the page guarantee notification option is on.
18345 GLENAYRE Database Update Acknowledgment Error Failed to guarantee the update of the database on disk when the database update notification option is on.
18346 GLENAYRE Retransmission Error Failed to retransmit messages.
18347 GLENAYRE Mailbox Error Failed to retrieve message.
18348 GLENAYRE Decremental Call Count Subscriber has no more prepaid pages.
18349 GLENAYRE Restricted Character Set Invalid character found in page.
18350 GLENAYRE Page Truncated A paging message was truncated because it exceeded the Max. Data Page Length.
18351 GLENAYRE Follow-me Roaming Conflict The system could not allow Follow-me Roaming to be enabled because Page Forwarding is active.
18352 GLENAYRE No Remote Programming The encoding format does not support Remote Programming.
18353 GLENAYRE Unavailable Option for Service Type/Encoding format The subscriber's service type or encoding format do no support a transparent data page (@PD) or an OTAP (@SO) request (not implemented).
18354 GLENAYRE OTAP Buffer in Use The OTAP (@SO) request is discarded because the specified buffer is being used by a previous OTAP request that is still in progress. Not implemented.
18355 GLENAYRE Set Home Index Error A Set Home Index (@SH) request is not sent because the subscriber is waiting for the response from a previous @SH request.
18356 GLENAYRE Paging System Table Error A Get Data (@GD) or Modify Data (@MD) request failed because the Paging System Table was locked by another paging system task.
18357 GLENAYRE Network Card Error An OTAP command failed because no network card is installed/initialized on the GL3000. Not implemented.
18358 GLENAYRE Node Address Error The specified node cannot be found.
18359 GLENAYRE Database Error An OTAP command failed due to a database error. Not implemented.
18360 GLENAYRE No NPCS Service NPCS service feature is disabled for this subscriber.
18361 GLENAYRE No Roaming Service Roaming service feature is disabled for this subscriber.
18362 GLENAYRE Invalid Area Code Area Code is invalid or out of range.
18363 GLENAYRE Reject valid Area Code Area Code is valid but not accepted due to lack of resources.
18364 GLENAYRE Invalid Login ID The login ID is invalid for the GCP Server.
18365 GLENAYRE Invalid Password The password is invalid for the GCP Server.
18366 GLENAYRE Invalid Login Procedure The first GCP command sent by the GCP over TCP client is not the Login Verification Request.
18367 GLENAYRE OTAP Pending The Send OTAP request was rejected because another OTAP is already pending for that subscriber.
18368 GLENAYRE Overlong OTAP message The Send OTAP request was rejected because the OTAP message exceeded the Max. Data Page Length.
18369 GLENAYRE Unregistered Subscriber The Send OTAP request was rejected because the subscriber had not registered.
18370 GLENAYRE Incorrect Device Voice Compression The subscriber must have a valid device voice compression if the encoding format/service type implies that compressed voice may be sent
18371 GLENAYRE Device Class does not Support Service If a device voice compression is selected and a device class is specified, the device voice compression must be supported by the device class.