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Smart Alert Errors 188xx - Spectralink Errors




The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the SPECTRALINK module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
18800 SPECTRALINK Invalid File The initialization file is invalid or options defined in this file could not be used.
18801 SPECTRALINK Invalid Login Unable to log into the database due to invalid module name.
18802 SPECTRALINK Invalid Page Structure Unable to parse or allocate memory for the message to be sent.
18803 SPECTRALINK Invalid Page Packet The message could not be split into multiple chunks.
18804 SPECTRALINK Invalid Server Name The specified host name is invalid.
18805 SPECTRALINK Connection Lost Connection to the SpectraLink Gateway has been lost.
18806 SPECTRALINK Socket Writer Error Writing to communication channel has failed.
18807 SPECTRALINK No Response User did not respond to the ring command sent to the wireless handset.
18808 SPECTRALINK Invalid Packet One of the chunk message has invalid data.
18809 SPECTRALINK Invalid Data Unable to form pageable data for the message.
18810 SPECTRALINK IPCS Writer Error Writing to the IPCS queue has failed.
18811 SPECTRALINK Handset Unreachable The SpectraLink Gateway could not reach the specified wirless handset.
18812 SPECTRALINK Invalid Port Number The SpectraLink Gateway did not recognize the specified wireless handset port number.
18813 SPECTRALINK Connection Re-established Connection to the SpectraLink Gateway has been re-established.
18814 SPECTRALINK Max Redial Reached The SpectraLink Gatway could not reach the specified wireless handeset on a number of tries.
18815 SPECTRALINK Out of Range The specified wireless handset phone number is out of ranage.
18816 SPECTRALINK No Handset Found The SpectraLink system is not configured with any wireless phones.
18817 SPECTRALINK Message Timedout User did not finish reading the message within the specified read timeout.