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Spok Mobile Enterprise 4.6 Administrator's Guide

Spok Mobile simplifies communications and strengthens care by using smartphones and tablets for your hospital’s secure, critical communications, including code alerts, patient updates, test results, consult requests, and more.

This intuitive application links to a powerful communication system. You can access your hospital’s full directory of contact information to send messages, images, and videos to smartphones and other devices, and to ensure that critical communications are logged—all with security, traceability, and reliability in mind.

The Spok Enterprise Administration interface allows administrators to configure Spok Mobile Services and manage all of the Spok Mobile devices registered with their tenant. From this interface, administrators can manage tenant settings, system settings, Spok Mobile settings, and system integrations.

About This Guide


The Spok Mobile Administrator's Guide provides site administrators with the information they need to set up and administer components of the Spok Mobile solution through the Spok Enterprise Administration interface.


This document covers how to perform basic administration tasks in the Spok Enterprise Administration interface for Spok Mobile.


The Spok Enterprise Administrator's Guide includes usage information that an internal or external administrator would need to know in order to set up or maintain Spok Enterprise. It contains instructions and examples of all aspects of Spok Enterprise. This guide is intended for onsite administrators, or users in the role of application owners/administrators.