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Device Mapper Multipath


Does Spok support Smart Suite running in a DM-Multipath configuration?


DM-Multipath  is a Redhat specific configuration option. 

Device mapper multipathing (DM-Multipath) allows you to configure multiple I/O paths between server nodes and storage arrays into a single device. These I/O paths are physical SAN connections that can include separate cables, switches, and controllers. Multipathing aggregates the I/O paths, creating a new device that consists of the aggregated paths (source:

Spok does not test or certify the Smart Suite applications running in a DM-Multipath configuration. Additionally, Spok does not support the setup or maintenance of DM-Multipath on the Redhat server.

As with other customer specific environmental factors such as network, routers, switches, etc., if Spok is unable to determine the cause of a Spok application symptom and it is believed to be an environmental issue, Spok may ask the customer to remove Multi Path from the configuration in order to help isolate the issue.