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CD/DVD Burn Option Not Available

Issue:  When trying to burn files to the CD/DVD Drive, you do not have the option available.

The drive itself is available, but any attempt to burn files does not give you the option at all -  burn does not appear as a choice (not greyed out, completely not an option).



Explorer.exe needs to have administrative privileges.

  1. Launch Task Manager (right click on Task Bar, select “Start Task Manager”)
  2. Click on the “Processes” Tab
  3. Find the explorer.exe process
  4. Right-click on explorer.exe and choose “End Process”
  5. Choose “Show processes from all users”
  6. Click File - “New Task”
  7. Type in:  explorer.exe, select “OK”
  8. Check the “Create this task with administrative privileges”
  9. Click OK

The workstation/server now has the capability to burn to CD/DVD