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PSAP Abandoned Calls Are Not Printing


PSAP Abandoned Calls Are Not Printing



This Knowledge Base Article will assist with troubleshooting issues with printing abandoned calls.

 Remote into the PSAP Server.

  1. Check to see if the XnXID application is responding.
  2. Check the XID logs:

2016-07-27_10:59:01.559 ...ABANDONED CDR report has been sent to [XXX-BW-Print

2016-07-27_10:59:01.668 SendToPrinter() has returned FALSE. [7/27/2016 10:58:3
                  5 AM|9193067894|7/27/2016 10:59:01 AM]                      
2016-07-27_10:59:01.668 PrintAniMsgEx() returned FALSE                        

  1. Restart the XnXID
  2. Check the following parameters in XnXID.ini



5. Make sure the Printer is online.

6. Check to make sure you can Ping the printer.

7. Does the printer have power? Try to power cycle the printer.

8. Make sure the printer has paper. 

10. Check the date and time stamp of the last abandoned call.

11. Have the user make a test abandoned call. 

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