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Running SQL Scripts Outside of the CCS Installer

The Care Connect Suite Installer runs SQL scripts automatically. In certain exceptional cases, this functionality cannot be used. Therefore, there is a workaround available to run SQL scripts manually outside of the Care Connect Suite Installer. The reasons this workaround may need to take place include:

  • A customer site cannot provide Spok representatives with “sysadmin” rights.
  • The Care Connect Suite Installer is failing due to timeout because of the amount of data migrating through these scripts.

If the Deploy Database feature for any component is set to Entire feature will be unavailable in the Custom Setup dialog, the databases will not be deployed as part of the installation process. In this case, additional steps must be performed before the solution is fully installed.

  1. Install Care Connect Suite as the process is outlined in Running the Care Connect Suite Installer. You must also disable the Deploy Database options in the Custom Setup dialog. Ensure that the Deploy Database options are disabled in the Platform, MobileWeb, Device Preferences, and Speech sections of the list.

  2. In the Custom Setup dialog, click the drop-down list icons next to the Deploy Database options to access a drop-down list.

  3. Select Entire feature will be unavailable from the drop-down list for each Deploy Database option.

  4. Confirm that the icons next to the drop-down lists have each changed to a red X to match your selection.

  5. In the Custom Setup dialog, click the Next button. The Database Configuration dialog displays.

  6. In the Database Configuration dialog, in the Server field, enter the SQL Server name or IP address. If there is an instance, add a backslash and the instance name after the server name.

  7. When the desired information is entered, click the Next button. If a successful connection was detected, the Ready to install Care Connect screen displays.

  8. Click the Install button. The installer makes all of the necessary configurations to IIS and deploys the application directly to IIS.

  9. After the installation is complete, access the desired database scripts in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Spok\Care Connect\Database\Deployment\. Each script in this folder is assigned a number. The scripts must be installed in the assigned order. Please note that these files are only installed when the Deploy Database options are disabled in the Custom Setup dialog of the installer.

  10. Save the scripts in a central directory that will hold all the files from each server in the Care Connect Suite deployment.

  11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 for each other following servers:
    • Platform
    • Mobile
    • Speech
    • CTI
  12. Send the desired files to the onsite database representative who can examine the scripts and then run the scripts with the database privileges that the site wants to use. After the scripts are run, the database is installed.