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DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers

     The DID (Direct Inward Dialing) means that a range of numbers the telephone company allocates to their customer’s PBX. The Telephone company charges to customer for the usage of each DID. The DIDs are sent to ALI database management company by Spok PSALI (Private Switch/Automated Location Identification) service.

Along with DIDs, the client has the internal extensions, called as NON-DIDs, which are not to be sent to ALI database management company by Spok PSALI. Those number are not chargeable from Telephone company and used by internal dialing only within the customer’s PBX.

     In Spok database, the DID and NON-DID number is decided by the partial (dial plan not in 10-digit) or full (dial plan in 10-digit) value in Extension is to match to the value in Main Number and ANI/DID in the record displayed in EADM (Spok manual database maintenance program). If the value is matching among the fields, the number is treated as DID to be sent to ALI Management company by Spok PSALI. If not, it is treated as NON-DID number and will not be sent to ALI Management company.

     When you makes any change in the extension in Spok database and see the difference between the number of extension you changed and the record number to be uploaded by Spok PSALI program, this means you make the changes in NON-DID number(s) along with DID number(s).

     If you want to upload any extension to ALI Management company, please make sure the number is within your DID ranges that you purchased from Telephone company and to input the right value in Extension (digit number to be matched to the dial plan), ANI/DID (10-digit) and Main Number displayed in EADM.

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