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Error code 756 in PSALI: Company code mismatch upon change or insert

During the data update in ALI management company by Spok PSALI, you may face the error code 756 with description, Company code mismatch. To fix the error code, Spok needs to migrate the extension by communicating with the ALI management company, Dial-tone provider and the client.

Steps to fix the error

  1. When the error code 756 is returned from the ALI management company, Spok needs to check with the client whether the extension is really owned by the client as DID.
  2. If the DID is really owned by the client, but the range(s) is purchased recently, please communicate with the ALI management company whether the DID range(s) is included in its DID list for the client. If the DID number has been under the client for a long time, please go to step3.
  3. The DID may be registered under the different owner rather than the client. The current owner needs to release or unlock the number to let the client to take the ownership of the number under its own NENAID.  The ALI company or dial-tone provider needs to work with the client and Spok to engage the current owner for the DID to take the necessary steps to unlock or release or delete the extension under its account.
  4. After the previous owner release the number, the number needs to be re-sent to ALI company by PSALI program with the function code M. To change the function code to M, please perform and/or check below.


  1. Please update the value for the extension in ANIALI.Marksent field in XN911Database. You can use the script below.


Update aniali set marksent = ‘M’ where extension = ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ and marksent  = ‘E’;


  1. To send out the function code correctly, the parameter in the PSALI configuration files should be set up as below. After making the parameter change, please save and restart the PSALI program to make the changed parameter to be used by the program.




  1. Run the first step, create the data file, from the new cycle in PSALI program. If you run the manual mode in the PSALI program, you can check the function code in the data file generated from the program before running the second step, upload the data file. If the function code is correct, please run the second step to upload the data file to ALI management company. If the PSALI program is running in auto mode, the second step to upload the data file to ALI Management company will run right away as soon as the first step, create data file, is completed.
  2. Check the retuning error/status file from ALI Management company to confirm the migration is completed or not. If the migration works as expected, there will be no error out record anymore. If there is any error in the address or any other missing item in the extension, even though the migration works successfully, you may get another error code rather than 75