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How to restart the Patient ADT under the Alwaysup


Option 1. Using the restart button on the menu bar from Alwayup

1.      Open the Alwaysup

2.      Chose the patient ADT from the application list

3.      Chose the restart icon in the menu.



Option 2. Chose the option, Restart.

1.      Open Alwaysup

2.      Chose the Patient ADT from the application list and press the right side of the mouse

3.      From the options below, chose the restart “Patient ADT”. The application name may be different in the Alwaysup. If you want to see the ADT application from the desktop upon restart, you can choose the option, Restart “Patient ADT” in this session.



Note: If you need to stop the ADT, you can use the STOP button (icon) in the menu bar or Stop “Patient ADT” in the option list after choosing the application and pressing the right side of mouse.