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How to swap lines for Titles on an On Call Schedule Webxchange

This tutorial will show you how to swap out the lines in a On-Call Schedule from a SQL query.


1.  First,  Open up Webxchange and log in.

Search for the On Call Schedule that you would like to make a change


2.    In this example, I am going to swap out Echo 


3.    Open up Sql management studio by typing SSMS in the run command on a server that has SQL installed.

Run the following Select Statement: select * from Titles where profileID = ' ocgastro'


Insert the ProfileID for the schedule (this is just an example)


In this example, I need to swap out ECHO Fellow (Sat/Sun/Hldys. 24 hrs) with ECHO Fellow - M-F 5p 7a except Holidays

Next, we need to run the following update statement

Update titles set XnPosition = '21' where RecNo = '3551' and profileID = '    OCCARD'
Update titles set XnPosition = '20' where RecNo = '3552' and profileID = '    OCCARD'

Your On Call Schedule should now look like this.  

Lightning uses the XNposition to link the file into Webxchange