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Smart Alert Errors 102xx - TAP Reader Errors




The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the TAP READER module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
10201 TAP READER Connection lost This may happen occasionally during normal operation. If it continues, check the ports, phone circuits, and modems at the Amcom (Smart Suite) server.
10202 TAP READER Invalid login The calling party did not provide a valid service and password.
10203 TAP READER Invalid page This usually means that you sent a page to an invalid pager ID, or an invalid message type to a pager (i.e. text to a digital pager).
10204 TAP READER Invalid messaging ID The messaging ID requested was not found in the Smart Center database.
10205 TAP READER Invalid pager COS The COS requested was not found in the Smart Center database.
10206 TAP READER Cannot update page queue Check the QUEUED_PAGE table in the Smart Center database.
10207 TAP READER Person is not on pager The on_pager flag of the received messaging ID is FALSE. Therefore, he or she cannot be paged.
10208 TAP READER Invalid pager ID The pager ID is invalid, or it does not exist in the database.
10209 TAP READER Invalid port Check the value of PORT in the tap_read.ini file. If this is correct, verify that the port is configured properly.
10210 TAP READER Modem error Check the modem and all connections.
10211 TAP READER Invalid setup file Verify the contents of tap_read.set.
10212 TAP READER Memory error Unable to allocate memory. Restart the process and if problem persists, contact your system administrator.
10213 TAP READER Blank message The message received is blank. Blank messages are not processed. Message will be rejected.
10214 TAP READER Text message for numeric pager Message received contains only text and it is not valid for numeric pager; message will be rejected.
10215 TAP READER Message to beeper Message was received for beep only pager, and is rejected.
10216 TAP READER No single on-call assignment. No single assignment is found for this on-call group.
10217 TAP READER RAP ID paging not allowed. RAP IDs can not be paged this way. This can be overwritten by adjusting the ini file.
10218 TAP READER Not a pageable exception. Can not page user with an active exception of type Referral or Pageblock. Use a different ID for paging or change exception type.