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Smart Alert Errors 104xx - ST2200 Errors

ST2200 Errors



The following table lists the Smart Alert errors for the ST2200 module.

Error No. Initiated Description Action
10400 ST2200 Invalid Initialization File The initialization file is unreadable or has an invalid section or keyword.
10401 ST2200 Invalid Port Unable to open the specified port.
10402 ST2200 Device Not Responding The touch screen device is not responding.
10403 ST2200 Maximum Pages Exceeded The number of states defined in the configuration file exceeds the maximum number of pages the touch screen can support.
10404 ST2200 State Not Found The GOTO state defined in the configuration file was not found.
10405 ST2200 Invalid Configuration File The configuration file not found, unreadable or sections missing.
10406 ST2200 Invalid Login The specified login SQL is invalid. Please check LOGIN SQL in the initialization file.