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Adding a Paging Service

Follow these steps to add a new Paging Service.

The General 1 tab of the Paging Services form is where several different paging services can be configured.  Depending on the type of service your site will be using the fields that are required for that type of service will change when selecting from the type drop down list.  The TAP Settings tab is where configuration settings for TAP protocol are set for a specific Paging Service.  This tab is only enabled when TAP, DTMF, and QUAD protocol settings are selected in the General 1 tab.

  1. Choose Setup | Paging | Services.  the Paging Services form displays.

Paging Services 1.PNG

2.  Choose Edit |New Paging Services Record or click the New Paging Services Record button on the toolbar.

Paging Services 2.PNG

3.  Click the General 1 tab

4.  From the Type field, select the type of paging system you want to create.  The screen is updated to display the fields required for the selected paging type.  Information for   entering the fields for each type can be obtained from your Spok Technician.

5.  Click on the TAP Settings tab to configure the TAP protocol settings.  This tab is enabled only when TAP, DTMF or QUAD protocol settings are selected in the General 1 tab.

6.  Insure that the page group number is specific to the protocol, ie, all TAP services should have the same page group number and all WCTP would have the same group number.

7.  Save the changes using one of these methods:

  • Press <CTRL> + <S>
  • Click on the Save icon in the toolbar.
  • Choose Edit | Save Paging Service Record..

    8.  Go to run and type in services.msc and restart Spok Paging Service.





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