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Spok Mobile Hosted Deployment FAQ

This contains information for Frequently Asked Questions for Spok Mobile Hosted.

Spok Mobile Hosted Deployment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Spok Mobile Hosted

What is Spok Mobile Hosted?

The Hosted component of the Spok Mobile product includes the component of the Spok Mobile product that runs Amazon services. This component of the product is responsible for pushes, registration, message delivery in the “Hosted Message Delivery” model configuration, making client downloads available, and the Hosted administration web interface.

I have Spok Mobile Services on premise. How is Spok Mobile Hosted involved?

As a person using Spok Mobile on a device, it is Spok Mobile Hosted that knows your device exists and notifies it when a new message arrives1. But your on-premise Spok Mobile Services actually delivers the message2.

What happens when Spok Mobile Hosted undergoes an upgrade?

At the discretion of Spok Inc., Spok Mobile Hosted undergoes upgrades from time to time. Every upgrade of Spok Mobile Hosted is performed entirely by Spok, so you are not responsible for performing these upgrades.

How do I benefit when Spok Mobile Hosted gets upgraded?

By upgrading Spok Mobile Hosted, Spok delivers fixes and enhancements directly to your institution. For example, a Spok Mobile Hosted upgrade can give you performance improvements, new troubleshooting capabilities, and increased security. This all comes with minimal—if any—configuration changes to your Spok Mobile Services.

How would I know a Spok Mobile Hosted upgrade is coming?

Your institution is notified of any upcoming maintenance window when Spok Mobile Hosted is to be upgraded.

What happens to Spok Mobile users during the Spok Mobile Hosted upgrade?

Persons using Spok Mobile on a device during a Spok Mobile Hosted upgrade may experience delayed or dropped notifications. This means users may not be alerted to incoming messages during the maintenance window. Users should still be able to be send and receive messages, but they must open the Spok Mobile app and check for new messages manually—they cannot rely on notifications arriving from Spok Mobile Hosted during this time.

What should I do after a Spok Mobile Hosted upgrade?

To ensure everything remains operational, do the following immediately after the maintenance window ends:

  1. Test the registration behavior.
    1. Add a new registration.
    2. Update the registration.
    3. Remove the registration.
  2. Test push notifications.
    1. Send a message.
    2. Receive a message.
    3. Repeat if desired.

Are registrations updated or changed from a Hosted upgrade?

No. Registrations do not experience any changes from a Spok Mobile Hosted upgrade.


1. Some exceptions apply, such as if the Spok Mobile Notification Framework is configured for use at your institution.

2. Unless your on-premise Spok Mobile Services is using the “Hosted Message Delivery” model configuration.