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"Spok Mobile" Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts


With the upgrade/installation of Spok Mobile v4.6.2 and newer, users might now get this prompt when they launch the application:


Who is generating the message?

This message is being generated by Apple (not Spok) as it is part of enabling Critical Notifications.

What is the Mute Switch Override Feature and how will it work?

Mute Switch Override allows the device to play a notification ringtone (sound) when the iOS device’s mute switch button is in the "On" state or the devices Do Not Disturb (DND) setting is enabled.

When will this feature be available to use?

Mute Switch Override functionality will require changes to the Spok Mobile Hosted Environment, Spok Mobile iOS Application, and to your Spok Mobile On-Premise servers.  The first phase of this rollout has been completed on the Spok Mobile Hosted system and with the release of the Spok Mobile 4.6.2 iOS app. To fully enable this feature, the Spok Mobile On-Premise software also needs to be upgraded to the Spok Mobile 4.6 release.

Should users click on "Don't Allow" or "Allow"?

Prior to upgrading Spok Mobile on the server at the client site (not on the user's device), nothing will happen regardless of which option a user selects.  If the user selects "Allow" they will get critical alerts if/when the client site is upgraded to v4.6.2.  If they choose "Don't Allow", they will have to manually enable this feature if/when the client site is upgraded to Spok Mobile v4.6.2.




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