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Message content not showing in mobile app


All Spok Mobile devices are receiving message alert tones on the phone handset but the app is not showing the message content.


The transmission of message data happens over an SSL connection. Whilst a misconfiguration of the environment can cause this issue to happen, the majority of the time this issue occurs to an implemented site when the SSL certificate for the Spok Mobile message url has expired. The renewal of the certificate requires re-binding to ports 443 and 8091 in IIS. To check if the certificate is expired see options below.

Check in Internet Explorer: 
1.In Internet Explorer, click Tools, then click Internet Options to display the Internet Options dialog box.
2.Click the Content tab.
3.Under Certificates, click Certificates.
4.To view details of any certificate, select the certificate and click View. This will show the expiration date.

Check in IIS Manager:
1. Open IIS Manager and navigate to the level you want to manage.
2. In Features View, double-click Server Certificates. 
3. Select a certificate and then click View in the Actions pane.
4. On the Certificate property page. Click the General tab to determine who issued the certificate, to whom it was issued, and its valid date range.
5. Click OK to close the Certificate property page.

Check in Certificate store:
1.    Open a Command Prompt window.
2.    Type MMC and press the ENTER key. Note that to view certificates in the local machine store, you must be in the Administrator role.
3.    On the File menu, click Add/Remove Snap In.
4.    Click Add.
5.    In the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box, select Certificates.
6.    Click Add.
7.    In the Certificates snap-in dialog box, select Computer account and click Next. 
8.    In the Select Computer dialog box, click Finish.
9.    In the Add Standalone Snap-in dialog box, click Close.
10.    On the Add/Remove Snap-in dialog box, click OK.
11.    In the Console Root window, click Certificates (Local Computer) to view the certificate stores for the computer.


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