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Spok Mobile Message Status Definitions


These are the definitions of the message status when reviewing message logs for Spok Mobile


  • Read: A message is considered read if the message was read by the message receiver on his or her device.
  • Queued: A message is considered queued if the message is currently in the queue and is waiting to be sent to the message receiver’s device.
  • Failed: A message is considered failed if the message could not be successfully sent to the message receiver.
  • Ignored: A message is considered ignored if the message receiver clicked on the "Decline" button when they received the message.
  • Enroute: A message is considered enroute if the message is currently traveling to the message receiver’s device.
  • Accepted: A message is considered accepted if the system has confirmed that it can successfully send the message to the message receiver’s device.
  • Delivered: A message is considered delivered if the message has successfully reached the message receiver’s device, but the receiver has not yet chosen a response option.
  • Acknowledged: A message is considered acknowledge if the message receiver viewed and acknowledged the message on his or her device