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"E" Status Indicator is Red and Workstation is Locked Up


The E light (TDD) is turning red. When it is red, it locks up the pc and has to be rebooted.

Message on screen - says “switch ... or retry.”

Messages like this appear in the log files

Xntdd.err file just has this entry repeated -

2016-03-16_10:35:01.342 [E] <Change in CD Line>

Xntdd.log has these 3 entries repeated -

2016-03-16_10:38:01.135 [E] COMM PORT #2 <Change in DSR Line: True>

2016-03-16_10:38:01.142 <Change in the Ring Indicator>

2016-03-16_10:38:01.145 <Change in CTS line>



Delete/recreate mapped drive for tdd files.

  1. Right Click the My Computer icon (may show computer name instead of "My Computer"), then click Map Network Drive…




  1. Click the Drive drop down menu and select M:
    1. NOTE – The drive letter and location can vary. Check xn911adox.ini for the correct location.


  1. In the Folder field enter the UNC path for the TDDFILES folder (Enter the IP address of the PSAP server where the placeholder IP address is show below)


  1. Make sure the “Reconnect at logon” box is checked, then click Finish


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