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No Power to Wall Clock (external customers)




Note - If the time is incorrect or displays as 00:00:00, it is likely that this is not a power issue. Please see other troubleshooting documentation.

The wall clock is powered by the  ethernet cable connected to it. Disconnect the cable  at the wall clock  and reconnect..  If still no power, trace that ethernet cable. It should be connected to a power injector.

The power injector is small box that has 2 ethernet ports, 1 that comes from the server or switch, the other runs to the wall clock. It is powered by a power adaptor (much like power adaptor used with laptop computers)

Reseat all these connections.

If this does not resolve, make sure there is power to the  outlet to which  the power adaptor is connected. If not, plug the power adaptor into an outlet that has power or resolve the problem with the  outlet.

If the outlet has power, then the issue is with the power adaptor or the ethernet cable running from the power adaptor to wall clock. Visually inspect the ethernet cable or replace the existing cable.  If this does not resolve the issue  or is not possible, contact Spok support and advise of the troubleshooting steps you have done.

If all the above connections have been found to be sound, the wall clock should be replaced. Please contact Spok support to arrange for  a replacement.



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