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Keep the NIC Alive in Sleep mode


After performing this step on the workstation(s).  The Spok Cti service will not stop when the workstation(s) goes into sleep mode

First Step

Begin by .. Logging into the workstation with an Administrative account.

1.    In Windows 10...Right click the clipboard_ef332d4372cdf308c6cc947cd3492dc92.png icon.

2.    Select Control Panel

3.    Select Device Manager




Second Step

Then look for Network Adapters.  Select the Network Adapter from the list.


Right click and then go down to properties.



Select the Power Management tab


Unchecked the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power


The Spok CTI will not stop if/when the workstation goes into sleep mode


This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.