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Installing and Running Spok Copy Logs

Installing and Running Spok Copy Logs 

Spok CopyLogs is a great tool to use to create a “snapshot” of the Spok log files when an issue occurs in Medicall.  The application copies log and configuration files from the workstation and saved them to the FileShare server.

This accomplishes several things:

  • Prevents logs from being overwritten
  • Provides an approximate time stamp for when the issue occurred
  • Moving the files to the FileShare server allows the Spok Support Engineer to access this information without having to interrupt users.
  • Below are steps to install and run Spok CopyLogs.



Install Spok CopyLogs

  1. Right click on the Desktop
  2. Mouse over New and select Shortcutclipboard_eb95f5e62f7a9a3f046bdd83e49479f4a.png
  3. Enter C:\WINDOWS\system32\wscript.exe "C:\Console\CopyLogs.wsf"
  4. Click Nextclipboard_e67f9af76299a7c32bc1b0383ce4f8b80.png
  5. Enter Spok CopyLogs for the Shortcut nameclipboard_e2973b33618ad71b086926823dd8863a8.pngThe icon below should appear on the Desktop.                                                         clipboard_e8247ec5f8f88d1c236e4d421d7162aa8.png

Copy Shortcut to Public Desktop Folder

  1. Go to C:\Users\Public\Desktop 
  2. You may need to show Hidden Items to see the Public folderclipboard_ec32e6c36f29e31762f89b0134f263d7f.png
  3. Once in the Desktop folder, copy the Spok CopyLogs icon on the Desktop into C:\Users\Public\Desktop  clipboard_e8d6a55fc93dbcfaab197d23fd6626243.png                                                                           You should see Spok CopyLogs in the list of applications in the Desktop folder. 
Running Spok CopyLogs
  1. Double Click the Spok CopyLogs icon on the desktop.                            clipboard_e8247ec5f8f88d1c236e4d421d7162aa8.png 
    1. Spok CopyLogs will start copying files to the fileshare server.
    2. You will see several “status” boxes display like the one in the screenshot below.
    3. The application will move to the next file automatically or  click OK to manually move to the next file.
  2. When finished, you will see the box below.  Enter a description of the issue and  click OKclipboard_e2c0a0f2d17b72a30568dd5bf75268474.png
  3. Alert your supervisor or Spok support about the issue and that you ran Spok CopyLogs.






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