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PagerID only viewable by MediCall Admins



If the PagerID is only viewable for admin account, this mean the profileID for the PagerID in question is marked as “Confidential”.  If this PagerID needs to be viewed by all the standard accounts, then the “Confidential” flag must be removed from the Profile. 


To make the PagerID viewable by all standards user, MediCall admin must update the Profile to disable this flag.  To Disable this flag, please follow these steps:

1.       Log into MediCall with admin account.

2.       Search for the Profile which needs the confidential flag removed.

3.       Go to the Profile screen.

4.       Click the “Other” button and then click the “Update” button to go into the profile edit mode.

5.       Once in the “edit” mode click on the “Flags” tab.

6.       Locate the “Confidential” flag check box.

7.       Uncheck the “Confidential” flag check box.

8.       Click on the “Save” button to save the settings.

9.       Click the “Exit” button to exit the edit mode of the profile.


This update to the profile will allow standard user to view the PagerID of the profile which was previously setup of “Confidential” only. 



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