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Receiving an “Unexpected Error” after “Update Software” option for MediCall


With the new Widows OS updates, after doing “Update Software” for MediCall, upon launching MediCall by clicking on its’ icon, you may receive the following error:



This error can’t be resolved by initially running MediCall as an “Administrator”.  You can run MediCall as “Administrator” by doing the following steps:

  1. Right click on the MediCall icon

2.    Click on “Run as administrator”

3.    Select “Normal Operation”

4.    Proceed to log-in with your MediCall credentials

5.    After successful logging in, exit the application, and

6.    Re-launch the application as you would do normally by double clicking on it.


While this is not an absolute fix for the problem these are the first steps that should be taken to resolve the issue. 
This will occur again, if “Update Software” is done.  In that case, you must run MediCall as “Administrator” for initial launch after “Update Software” option. 

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