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Participating in Spok Mobile Preview

This article is an overview of how to participate in the Spok Mobile Preview process, including what to provide to Spok and how to set up mobile devices with the preview version of Spok Mobile.


Spok Mobile Preview provides access to a new version of Spok Mobile prior to the General Availability release. This preview access is usually made available to a select few users at a site in order to learn about new features and functionality in order to facilitate training.

Important Note: The Preview version of the Spok Mobile app updates and replaces any existing previous version of the Spok Mobile app on the device, it is not installed as a second app.

Participating in Spok Mobile Preview

To participate in Spok Mobile Preview:

  1. Identify the users in your organization who will participate in Spok Mobile Preview and download the preview version of the Spok Mobile app to their mobile devices.
  2. Review the instructions for setting up Spok Mobile Preview on the mobile devices and communicate to preview users what to expect from the enrollment and installation process. For detailed instructions, refer to step #4.
  3. Acquire the following information for each test user, and provide it to Spok:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address - this is the email address associated with the mobile device that will be used to test Spok Mobile Preview. For Android, this must be a Google account email address that the device uses to sign in to the Google Play app store.
  • Device Type - Android or iOS
  1. When Spok releases the Spok Mobile Preview app, set up each device for Spok Mobile Preview app testing: 

Completing Spok Mobile Preview

When the Spok Mobile Preview period ends, the Preview version of Spok Mobile can continue to be used in the production environment. Depending on the configuration of a specific device, when the General Availability version of Spok Mobile is available, it is automatically updated or the user receives a notification to update to the latest version.