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SQL Mirroring permissions error when upgrading to Spok Mobile 4.6

This technical note applies only when you are upgrading from an older version of Spok Mobile to Spok Mobile 4.6. The SQL script this article is now part of the SQL Mirroring deployment scripts, so you do not need to execute this script when performing a fresh install of Spok Mobile 4.6.

In versions of Spok Mobile prior to 4.6 that used SQL Mirroring, the SQL scripts that set up the mirrored database environment did not assign all necessary permissions to the spokadmin user account on the mirrored SQL instance. If the user selected the Mirror option in the Care Connect installer, then clicked the Test Connection button, the system would generate an error.

In Spok Mobile versions prior to 4.6, do not enable the Mirror option in the Care Connect installer.

When upgrading from an older Spok Mobile version to version 4.6, execute the following script on the mirrored SQL instance to assign the necessary permissions to the spokadmin user.

USE [master]
DECLARE @sql nvarchar(1024);
set @sql = 'EXEC master..sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame ='''+@SPOKDATABASE_ADMIN+''', @rolename =''sysadmin''';
EXEC (@sql)