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Spok Mobile Server Release Notes 5.0.x

Server 5.0.0

New Features and Enhancements

  • Spok Mobile now supports Windows Server 2019 which provides Mainstream Support until January 2024 with Extended Support until January 2029.
  • Spok Mobile now supports SQL Server 2019 which provides Mainstream Support until January 2025 with Extended Support until January 2030.
  • Spok Mobile now supports jQuery version 3.6 in the SME (Mobile and Platform) components.

    Users need to clear browser cache after deploying the build to reflect the latest changes.

  • Due to a technical vulnerability assessment, a host of Spok Mobile security vulnerabilties have been addressed:
    • Sensitive information found in configuration files (SOP document will be provided).
    • Information exposure through WSDL file.
    • Information exposure through verbose error messages.
    • Information exposure through path disclosure.
    • Move the publicly facing registration URL to Messenger Server from Spok Mobile.
  • Third-Party Component Updates: As a part of the Spok Console 5.0 release, moved to the latest .NET packages - JSON and DLLs. See the details below.
Third-Party Component Type Latest Version
log4net Nuget 2.0.14
Entityframework Nuget 6.4.4
Newtonsoft.Json.dll Nuget 13.0.1 MVC Nuget 5.2.9 Razor Nuget 3.2.9
Microsoft web pages Nuget 3.2.9
Nsubstitute Nuget 4.4.0
Autofac Nuget 6.4.0
  • Spok Mobile now supports .NET Framework 4.8.
  • Spok Mobile now supports Microsoft Edge. This ensures all web components function as expected and can be supported by Spok as user migrate to Edge due to Internet Explorer 11 end of life in June 2022.

Corrected Issues

  • UNKNOWN Status received while executing WIPE command (Status update V2 API).
  • Added null check to mobile device type.