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Spok Mobile Server Release Notes 5.1.x

Server 5.1.0

New Features and Enhancements

Login-Logout Functionality

Spok Mobile now supports login-logout functionality. This feature is only available to users that have Spok Mobile 4.6.5 on Android and have been added to a device group that has login-logout enabled by an administrator. It is currently not available for iOS users.

Security Updates

  • US56707: DLL files have been updated with security enhancements.
  • US56705: Security improvements to Spok Mobile Admin user login credentials.

Corrected Issues

  • DE32606: iPhone users are not receiving their repeat alerts after initial notification.
  • DE32497: Spok Mobile event handling updated to align to Apple's best practices when device notification address changes occur.
  • DE33282: Alerting & Mobile - Spok Mobile Directory is not producing correct results for certain search combinations.

Known Issues

  • If a user is assigned to an Oncall group in Smart Suite and a login-logout device group, then their status change on logout will not be reflected on Smart Suite. Their status will still be active.
  • If a user with logout enabled is logged into device A, then logs into device B without first logging out of device A, all messages will be delivered only to device B. To resume message delivery to device A, the user must log out of both devices, then log into device A.  Messages are delivered only to the most recently logged in device.
  • If a user with logout enabled turns in their shared device without first logging off, the next user to receive that shared device could see messages from the previous user and not receive their own messages. The new user of the shared device should first logoff the previous user, then log in with their own mobile credentials.