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Disable your device Auto-Lock feature

Auto-Lock is a security feature of your iOS device. The feature automatically locks the device after a set duration of inactivity. After this happens—meaning the device locks itself—a passcode must be typed or a fingerprint used to unlock the device. Auto-Lock must be disabled so that the screen never turns off during Guided Access.

Caution: You must follow these instructions to safely use Spok Mobile with the iOS Guided Access feature. It is important to disable Auto-Lock because you will not receive messages or pages in Spok Mobile any time Guided Access is fully active and the screen is turned off. The instructions in this section keep the screen on when using Guided Access.

To ensure Guided Access never turns off the screen due to inactivity, disable the Auto-Lock feature in iOS by following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General to show general settings.
  3. In the general settings, tap Auto-Lock.
  4. Select Never.

Auto-Lock is now disabled. Now when using Guided Access, the screen does not automatically turn off after inactivity. Remember, if the screen turns off while Guided Access is being used on Spok Mobile, no incoming message notifications will be seen or heard (because Guided Access blocks notifications from all apps when active, including the open app). You are successfully preventing this issue from occurring by having completed the steps above.