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Enable app pinning in your Android device settings

The Android feature that allows you to pin apps is disabled by default. You must enable the feature.

Note: App pinning was introduced in Android 5.0. Your device manufacturer decides if, and when, the app pinning feature is added. For example, Samsung devices added app pinning in 5.1.1.

  1. Because Android devices vary, try any of the following steps to locate and enable the feature:
    • Discover if you can go to Settings > Security > Advanced > Screen Pinning. If this screen exists on your device, set Screen Pinning to On.
    • If your device settings screen shows a search box, use it and type the word pin or pinning to find settings related to the feature.
    • Refer to your device manufacturer's documentation to see how to enable app pinning or screen pinning, as it is sometimes called.
  2. Set your device to ask for a password before unpinning.
    This setting is in the same area you found when enabling app pinning.
    It is important to activate this setting so the device remains locked if the app becomes unpinned for any reason.

This is a one-time process. You do not need to repeat this process after enabling app pinning for the first time.