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Need Help Using Spok Knowledge?

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Turn on and off Guided Access

You can put the Spok Mobile app in a kiosk mode after enabling Guided Access.

Caution: You will not receive messages or pages in Spok Mobile any time Guided Access is turned on (active) and the screen is turned off. It is important to keep the screen awake. Do this by setting Auto-Lock to Never. This is found in General > Auto-Lock > Never in the Settings app.

  1. Open the Spok Mobile app.
  2. Triple-click Home on your iOS device. Based on what happens, do one of the following:
    • First runs of Guided Access must tap Start and provide a Guided Access passcode to begin.
    • Subsequent runs of Guided Access see a brief notification appear that states "Guided Access Started."
      Guided Access is now turned on—despite either scenario. Spok Mobile is the only app that you or others can now interact with. Notifications from all apps are also being blocked, including telephone and VoIP calls.
  3. (Optional) To configure options: triple-click Home, provide the Guided Access passcode, and tap Options found in the bottom leftmost part of the screen.
    • These settings should be used:
      • Sleep/Wake ButtonOFF (slider on the left)
      • Volume ButtonsON or OFF (slider on the right or left, respectively)
      • MotionON (slider on the right)
      • KeyboardsON (slider on the right)
      • TouchON (slider on the right)
      • Time LimitOFF (slider on the left)
  4. To turn off Guided Access: triple-click Home, provide the Guided Access passcode, and tap End found in the top leftmost part of the screen.

While Spok Mobile is set to use the Guided Access mode in iOS, it is the only app that can be viewed. Nearly all other app notifications are blocked, too.