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Spok Mobile Release Notes 2.1.x

Spok Mobile 2.1.0 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

RIM BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) Push

  • Ability to send messages using the RIM BIS push system.  The mobile application is poked using the BIS system and messages are securely downloaded over SSL to the mobile application.
  • Eliminates the need for using SMS as the delivery mechanism.
  • Increases throughput of message delivery (limited by CMM delivery rate)

Wi-Fi Support for Blackberry Devices

  • Mobile Connect now supports the ability for messages to be delivered over Wi-Fi. 
  • Wi-Fi coverage can help eliminate dead cellular coverage spots within a building and increase message reliability when cellular networks may have outages.
  • The Mobile Connect application seamlessly chooses either cellular or Wi-Fi to ensure message delivery.

Mobile Connect Gateway (Premise and Hosted)

  • To enable messages being pushed and downloaded to the mobile client, a new server component has been developed to provide these services.
  • Typically installed on the same Windows server with Messenger.  Runs as a Windows Service and uses MS SQL Server (local or shared).

Threaded Message Replies

Replies to a message will be consolidated under the original message.

Message Reply Templates

Mobile users can choose to configure message reply templates. When responding to a message, the user can choose to freely enter text or select a template.   The user can send the message reply populated from the template as is, or can edit the response.

Security Access Code

Mobile users can choose to set a security access code on the Mobile Connect mobile application.   When the security code is set, the user will be required to enter the code prior to viewing messages.  The application will lock when put into the background.

Automated Sync Interval

  • In addition to the pushing of messages, an automated sync interval has been added to ensure messages are delivered in the event of push messages being missed.
  • The default for this setting is 60 minutes; this can be lowered to five minutes and raised to 1,000 minutes.  Lowering the setting (low number) will increase data usage and decrease battery life.

Manual Get Messages Button

A Get Messages button has been added to the preferences section of the application to allow the user to check for messages on demand.