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Spok Mobile Release Notes 2.3.x

Spok Mobile 2.3.0 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Cisco Wireless IP Phone Support

Mobile Connect now supports two-way messaging with full message traceability to Cisco Unified Wireless IP phones (7925G/7926G).   The same active acknowledgment, separate inbox and priority based ring tones available on popular smartphones and tablets are now available on the Wi-Fi enabled Cisco Wireless phones.

  • To support Cisco IP phones the following change were made to AMC:
    • Premise L&R server – The Mobile Connect premise server can now act as the L&R server for Cisco IP devices.   In addition host systems can be configured to use the premise L&R server for changes in place of the hosted L&R server.  The Premise L&R synchronizes device registrations with hosted server for the configured site(s).
    • Internal ID – Mobile Connect will now use an internal ID for message integration between the host systems, Mobile Connect and devices.   The Mobile Connect server will translate the internal ID to the notification address for integration with external push notification systems.

Apple Device Repeat Notifications

Apple products will now have similar repeat notification capability found on other smartphone and tablet platforms. The Mobile Connect product will now send repeat notifications for up to five minutes to Apple devices when the message is not delivered to the handset.

European Language Support

Mobile Connect for Android, Apple and Blackberry has been translated to support French, Italian, German and Spanish languages.  The updated version of the application will automatically detect the language of the device and display the menus and settings in the detected language.

SMS Aggregator Support

Customers using SMS push notifications with the Mobile Connect application will not have the option to use SMS aggregator to send the SMS push notifications to the Mobile Connect application.

Other Security, Supportability, and Performance Improvements

Amcom works to continuously improve the security, supportability and performance of the Mobile Connect application.

  • Registration Password
    • The device application will now prompt users to enter phone number and password (NEW) to activate the device.   Existing devices and customers will NOT immediately need to enter the password to register.   Users can enter their phone number and leave the password field blank. Users will begin to receive the password in registration emails for newly registering/updated devices.  Amcom will work with existing customers to enable the password functionality in the next few months.

Notification Summarization

Mobile Connect will now summarize or throttle notifications bound for a single device if sent within 20 seconds of each other.   This change has been made to improve system throughput with our push notification partners.  This change will not affect the timing or number of messages received on the device.

Improved Installer

  • Improved installer to automatically perform many of the manual steps of the Mobile Connect installation. The installer will now automatically upgrade existing installations without requiring the user to re-configure the software. 
  • Removed redundant and seldom used configuration parameters.

License and Registration

  • Sites with expired license will now appear in red in the L&R administrative web site.
  • The language of the registration emails can now be set via a site level preference.