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Spok Mobile Release Notes 2.2.x

Spok Mobile 2.2.0 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements


  • Ability to send messages to iOS devices using the Apple push notification system (APNS). 
  • Mobile Connect requires iOS 4.0 and higher devices.
  • Message delivery notification on iOS device using the Apple notification system and is different than Blackberry and Android notification for the initial notification.
  • The Mobile Connect client is available for download from the Apple app store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

RIM BlackBerry

  • Ability to send messages using the RIM BES push system. 
  • The download web page will detect which version of Blackberry OS the device is running and provide the build most appropriate for that OS.  We have a different build for < OS 4.7 and OS 5.0 and higher.


  • Ability to send messages to Android devices using the Google Android cloud to device messaging service (C2DM).  Android push supports Cellular and WiFi delivery.
  • Messages delivered via SMS will no longer appear in the SMS inbox in addition to the Mobile Connect application.  
  • Ability to download and update the application from the Android market
    • Users of app not downloaded from the market will need to delete application prior to downloading the new version from the market.


  • The use of SMS for message delivery has changed in Mobile Connect 2.2.  SMS messages will no longer be used to send the payload of the message.  The SMS message is now used to notify or poke the application to download the message over SSL.  Delivery receipts, acknowledgements and other user responses will be sent over IP instead of SMS.
  • The benefits of this change
    • Improved throughput, long messages will only use one SMS message
    • Ability to use SMS for notification functionality beyond simple messages(No Reply Message Types)
  • The Mobile Connect 2.2 client will support the older message delivery functionality of SMS for systems running older Mobile Connect 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 versions.  As these customers upgrade their Messenger/ Mobile Connect systems to 2.2, the device/system will automatically start to send SMS messages for poke instead of sending the full payload.  
    • As customers move from Mobile Connect 1.0/2.0 to 2.2 they will need to ensure Mobile Connect 2.2 core/Messenger requirements are met and configured for Mobile Connect 2.2.

No Reply Message Type

  • The Mobile Connect client has the ability to not display the reply button for messages of a specific type.
  • Enhanced the Smart, Xtend, and IntelliSuites to send the No reply message type for messages with a sender who cannot receive responses (Logged out users, API’s).

Message Priority from Web Products

  • Added the ability to specify message priority when sending message from web products. 
  • Message priority of high/medium or normal / low are available
  • Ability to set message priority is based upon user role/permission / configuration setting in each web product.

Registration Improvements

  • The Mobile Connect registration service will now send an email upon new registration, additional sites for existing devices, updated registrations and removed registrations to the email address for the Mobile Connect device.
    • ​​All emails will now include the registered number and a link to download the application.
  • The registration service now allows the user to edit the registration phone number prior to registering the device. 
    • This improvement allows BlackBerry and Android devices that incorrectly report their phone number to be changed prior to submitting to the registration service.
    • The iOS platform does not allow the phone number of a device to be detected in our software and requires the user to enter the registered number.
  • The registration screen on the mobile device will now display all of the sites and registration status for each site on the mobile device. 
  • The Mobile Connect registration service now supports the ability to send different emails to beta customers than production customers.  This configuration is set in the Mobile Connect registration administrative web site.
    • The Mobile Connect registration service now supports the ability to provide primary and backup URLs for each site to the Mobile Connect client.  Previously URLs were either hard coded or received on a message by message basis.
  • Resolved an issue where registration did not allow emails with special characters in the email address.

Corrected Issues

  • The installer no longer prompts for username/password for service to run under. Mobile Connect will now assume to run under logged in user. If customer wants to change this, it will be changed in the Windows service management interface.