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Spok Mobile Release Notes 3.0.x

Spok Mobile 3.0.0 Release Notes (Release Date: March 15, 2012)

New Features and Enhancements

Client Initiated Messaging

Mobile Connect now supports the ability to send messages to other contacts, groups and on call schedules within the Amcom directory systems from their smartphone or tablet device using the native Mobile Connect application.  Messages sent from the mobile connect application are fully traceable in the Amcom message history database and follow the preferences, coverage and other settings of the Amcom system.

  • To support Client Initiated Messages the following features have been added.
    • Amcom directory authentication – A mobile user can use the same username/password used to access the Amcom web directory
    • Directory Search – Mobile Connect users can search the Amcom contact, OnCall and group directories using a single easy to use search box.
    • Compose Message – Mobile Connect users using the Premium version of Mobile Connect can now send messages to contact items found in the directory search.
    • From Field – Messages now include the name of the sender of message.   The first and last name of the sender will be displayed when message comes from a known sender.
    • Reply Back to Settings – The Amcom directory systems now supports the ability to route replies to a message back to the device or devices or a user choice.  This feature allows mobile connect users to receive replies to their messages on their smartphone and web users to receive replies to their messages on the device of their choice (email, Mobile Connect, etc.)
    • Additional recipients on a reply – When replying to a message, additional recipients can be added to the reply message.  The additional recipients will not be able to see the text of the original message unless retyped by the replying user.
    • Favorites – The application automatically keeps track of the top 25 most contacted users, allowing easy access to message users from the mobile application.

Remote Device Administration

To ease administration and add additional protection to message content sent to mobile devices, Mobile Connect now supports

  • Administrators can now remotely wipe messages from the Mobile Connect application when a device is lost or stolen.
  • Additional administrators can view the version of Mobile Connect, the device OS / model information from an administrative web portal.   
    • When a subscription is removed from a device the application will be notified and the application will automatically remove access to the site the device was unsubscribed from.

Other Security, Supportability, and Performance Improvements

Amcom is constantly working to improve the performance and reliability of the Mobile Connect application.

  • Local Message Delivery
    • To support improved message delivery, security and support disaster message delivery scenarios Mobile Connect now support local message delivery.   In this deployment configuration messages will not be sent to Amcom servers and will be sent directly from the customers servers to the mobile device.  Mobile devices running on a customer’s Wi-Fi network will contact a local server to download messages and can be used even in the event that internet /cellular connectivity for the site has been lost.  The recommended deployment for Mobile Connect is now local message delivery. 
    • Local message delivery configuration is required for client initiated messaging and message wipe features.

Active/Active with Automated Failover Support

Mobile Connect can now be deployed in high availability configuration at customer locations.  When placed behind a load balancer that can support active/active with stick sessions configurations Mobile Connect will support multiple application servers utilizing the same message delivery database and multiple simultaneous connections to the Amcom hosted service. This configuration is only supported for local message delivery.

Web Based Configuration Management

Administrators can now configure the Mobile Connect application server using a web based configuration tool.   The tool allows site configuration, database, BES and Messenger configuration from the web tool.   Once settings are changed the web tool allows the user to restart the Mobile Connect windows service and reset IIS to apply the changes. 

System Direct Connect

  • Amcom systems can now connect to the Amcom local server directly without requiring installation and routing of messages through Amcom Messenger.
  • Amcom local server can now be configured to route messages to Messenger when the device is configured to use SMS poke.

Improved Installer

The installer has been improved to remove unnecessary steps and adds the ability to test hosted system connection and database connection prior to the install.  The installer will now automatically launch the configuration web tool upon completion.

Device Changes

  • Full screen iPad application
    • The Mobile Connect application will now display in full resolution on the iPad 2 device.
  • New 30 day message retention option
    • User can now choose to keep message on their devices for up to 30 days. Previously a user could only select 1-7 days.
  • Site based preferences
    • Mobile users who belong to more than one Amcom site can now choose to set ring tone and message retention preferences per site.   The per site preferences require the deployment of local message delivery deployments at the site the user selects distinct preferences for.   Sites using hosted messaging delivery with users with multiple sites will use the last set preference for the device.
  • Sent date/time
    • Messages received on the application will now display the sent date /time of the message instead of the received date/time it displays currently.
  • Close/Reply and Close/No Reply message types
    • Two new message type options have been added that allow message response options that do not show Acknowledge/Ignore and instead show the user the option to Close the message.  When close is selected an “Acknowledge” is sent back to the originating system.
  • Application Name
    • The application is now listed at “Amcom” instead of Mobile Connect.

License and Registration

  • Premium license block support – the registration system now supports the ability to track base vs. premium feature ownership and automatically apply premium features to device based upon license block enablement.
  • Premium feature control - The registration system can enabled or disable premium functionality per license block based upon ownership or customers readiness to deploy premium functionality.   Premium functionality is disabled by default with the release of 3.0 and will be enabled customer by customer.

Corrected Issues

  • Repeat iPhone beep count and tone: Resolved an issue where the beep count and tone for iOS devices was wrong for repeat notifications.  This issue has been fixed in the Mobile Connect hosted environment and does not require updates to local Mobile Connect or device software.
  • Android ring tone inconsistency: Resolved an issue where new message notifications on Android did not play repeat notifications consistently across all manufacturers.