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Spok Mobile Release Notes 3.1.x

Spok Mobile 3.1.0 Release Notes (Release Date: May 1, 2012)

New Features and Enhancements

Support for Mobile Connect Select

Mobile Connect now supports the Mobile Connect Select version of the product.  The select version of the product is a hosted product sold and supported by USA Mobility.  The actual launch / release date of Select will be announced separately by USA Mobility.

Health Check Form (Apple)

The Mobile Connect product requires specific firewall rules to be enabled for the product to work properly. A new health check form has been added to the settings and registration pages to make troubleshooting network issues easier.

New Pager Ringtone

Mobile Connect has a new familiar ring tone.  The ring tone from pagers has been built into the Mobile Connect Apple, Android and Blackberry device clients.  The “Pager Tone” will be the default tone for new messages unless changed by the end user.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Phone number detection removed
    • Blackberry and Android device will no longer auto detect and populate phone number.  This functionality has been removed to support devices that register under other phone numbers (pager #).
  • Phone number / Username Terminology
    • Change the terminology from “phone number” to “username” on the registration page of the mobile application.
  • License and Registration
    • Phone number / Username Terminology
      • Change the terminology from “phone number” to “username” in the registration emails.
  • Issues Resolved
    • Registration email changes
      • Resolved an issue where the email address for a registration could not be updated when the device / registration was removed.
    • Improved product performance when deployed in an active/active load balanced configuration.

Spok Mobile 3.1.1 Release Notes (Release Date: June 21, 2012)

New Features and Enhancements

New WCTP Features

New WCTP features were added to the Mobile Connect 3.1.1 release. With the new WCTP additions, Acknowledge, Ignore, and Reply responses can be sent back to the system through WCTP. In addition, Acknowledge and Ignore responses can be translated to “Read” when configured to do so. Enroute, Accepted, and Queued responses can also continue to be sent or not sent based on configuration options.

The Mobile Connect 3.1.1 release also supports the Close Reply/No Reply and Normal Reply/No Reply with Acknowledge/Ignore message types.

Corrected Issues

  • Memory Growth Issues: Memory growth issues that were showing up in Mobile Connect 3.1 were addressed.
  • Gateway Worker Connection Issue: A problem that caused gateway worker connections to be dropped without being reconnected was addressed.
  • Cosmetic Issues: General cosmetic issues were addressed in the Premise Admin page.
  • DRS Issues: The DRS application did not work with https. This issue was fixed so Mobile Connect reports results and authenticates properly.
  • Upgrade Issues: Upgrade issues that occurred when upgrading from Mobile Connect 2.3 to later versions of Mobile Connect were addressed. 

Spok Mobile 3.1.2 Release Notes

Corrected Issues

  • Memory Performance Improvement: The memory performance for configurations that use SMS push has been improved. 

Spok Mobile 3.1.3 Release Notes (Release Date: June 26, 2012)

New Features and Enhancements

General Improvements

  • An issue was fixed that caused message send failures and generated exceptions in Mobile Connect Services when messages were sent through the SMS gateway in Messenger.
  • An issue was found that showed that Mobile Connect Hosted did not always successfully respond when Mobile Connect Services was disconnected. This issue was addressed.

Memory Leak Addressed

Memory leak issues that appeared in earlier releases continued to be addressed during this release.