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Spok Mobile Release Notes 3.2.x

Spok Mobile 3.2.0 Release Notes (Release Date: September 1, 2012)

New Features and Enhancements

Device Call Buttons and VoIP Integration

  • Device call buttons have been added to the Android, BlackBerry, Cisco, and Apple clients. The device call button allows users to easily click a button to call back any numbers that are included in a received Mobile Connect message. The application will display the call button when it detects a phone number in the message or a callback number is sent from the Amcom system.
  • The mobile applications now have the ability to place calls over VoIP applications in addition to the built in cellular phone. Users can configure which telephone application to place the call back phone call such as Cisco Jabber, Avaya mobile, Varaha UMobility and other application that support URL based dialing (Apple) and call intents (Android). On Apple, the user can configure which URL/application is used to initiate the call back. On Android, the user will be prompted to choose amongst the installed VoIP clients when placing a call. On BlackBerry, all calls will be sent to the native phone. VoIP is supported by the BlackBerry MVS solution.

Health Check Functionality

Health check forms were added to the 3.2 release for Android, BlackBerry, and Cisco devices. Health check was previously added to Apple in the 3.1 release. The health check form helps users easily identify connection issues that the mobile device could be experiencing.

Preference Administration and Storage

  • Administrators can now configure the preference settings for individual devices. The administrator can choose to set preferences on behalf of users and allow or disallow the user to configure the settings on the phone. Preference administration includes ring settings and message retention settings. Local message delivery configuration is required for this feature.
  • Mobile applications now store their settings on the local server and can download settings after a device reload/change. This simplifies the upgrade and device change process.

SQL Mirroring Support

Mobile Connect now supports automated Microsoft SQL mirroring failover.  The administrator can choose to configure a primary and failover database in the web administration tool.

Other Device Changes

  • From Field Removal for Mobile Connect Select
    • Added the ability to prevent the display of the From field for the Mobile Connect Select product. The From field will no longer be displayed on 3.2 application clients when the device is using Mobile Connect Select.
  • Incorrect Site URL Registration
    • Resolved an issue that would cause a device to not be able to register if one of their sites had an unreachable URL.

Other Performance, Security, and Technical Changes

  • Resend Email Transmission Over SSL
    • To ensure that the communication between Mobile Connect Services and Mobile Connect Hosted is encrypted, the resend email now uses SSL when communicating from Mobile Connect Services to Mobile Connect Hosted.
  • Notification Queues Added to Queue Monitor
    • Added the ability to view and monitor internal notification processes from the queue monitoring page. The queue monitoring page is now installed by default in local server installations.
  • Re-Authentication Not Required After Re-Registration
    • In past versions of Mobile Connect, users were required to re-authenticate and re-register after viewing the registration list. Now, the user is no longer required to authenticate or re-register after viewing the registration list or when the command is sent to the device.

Spok Mobile 3.2.1 Release Notes

Corrected Issues

  • A serialization issue was fixed during this release.
  • An issue with the xslt transformation file was fixed.
  • A database connection with the context was created as opposed to using the empty constructor.
  • The extend AMCHostMessages|ClientMessageQueue.SourceCore field was changed to NVARCHAR(Max).
  • The TenantName in ServiceMessageQueue project timer controlled thread was set.
  • All Services now use RollingFileAppender as instrumentation appender.
  • WCTP changes were made. Instead of using AMCModelEntities, the application now uses connectionString parameters.
  • The SingleTenantConnectionProviderBase now assumes a default_SYSTEM tenant name if one is not specified. 

Spok Mobile 3.2.2 Release Notes

New Features and Enhancements

Backport of Rebeep Functionality

During the 3.2.2 release, a feature was added for a customer that allows them to define the interval and number of rebeeps for iOS.

Corrected Issues

  • An error was corrected that compared a GUID with a string. Now, the GUID is compared to a GUID.
  • An error was fixed that prevented users from wiping messages from devices until they clicked Get Messages.