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Spok Go Web Messaging

Getting Started with Spok Go Web Messaging 

This article is for anyone who wants to collaborate using Spok Go web messaging. This page describes how to access Spok Go and send messages to your colleagues. 


This article provides an overview of your Spok Go inbox, including how messages are sorted and prioritized as well as how you can clean up your inbox and search for a conversation. 


This article provides an overview of alerts in Spok Go, including how you can view, accept, or decline/escalate alerts. 


This article lists the supported file types for attachments and describes how to add or remove a file from a message. 

Direct and Group Messaging

This article describes the direct and group messaging features within Spok Go, including sending, viewing, replying, and hiding messages as well as viewing read receipts. 

Message Notifications

This article describes the types of message notifications you will see within Spok Go as well as how to enable or disable notifications. 

Working Offline

This article describe how Spok Go works if you lose your network connection.