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Spok Mobile Release Notes 4.5.x

Server 4.5.0 (October 19, 2018)

New Features and Enhancements

Many enhancements are available to users simply by having the 4.5 app. Users get even more when their app is supported by the 4.5 server environment.

  Feature New for iOS New for Android
Features that Require 4.5 Server Environment

(Users with the 4.5 app or newer supported by the 4.5 server will see these changes)

Spok Notification Framework



Security Enhancements



Notification Improvements X  
Independent 4.5 App Features

(All users with the 4.5 app will see these changes regardless of the server environment)

Expanded Fingerprint Access Functionality



*Non-GCM devices only

Expanded AlwaysOn Configuration Support 

The Spok Mobile 4.5 server environment supports an AlwaysOn configuration with all Care Connect 1.9 products. Beginning with version 4.4.1, the Spok Mobile server environment has supported an AlwaysOn configuration in Smart Suite and Smart Suite with Spok Messenger environments only. This expanded offering provides the advantages of AlwaysOn throughout Spok Care Connect.

Spok Mobile Message Monitoring

Spok Customer Support has increased capability to monitor each Spok Mobile message's journey through checkpoints in the Care Connect solution. If you experience message delivery issues, they will be able to more quickly pinpoint the issue and can share an Excel report with you to help with troubleshooting.

An upgrade to Spok Mobile Hosted accompanied the rollout of this feature. Learn about Spok Mobile Hosted and its upgrades by visiting Frequently Asked Questions: Spok Mobile Hosted.

Security Enhancements

These security enhancements require both an on-premise upgrade to Spok Mobile Server 4.5.0, as part of Care Connect 1.9, plus the latest Spok Mobile apps.

TLS 1.2 Protocol - The entire Care Connect 1.9 solution, including Spok Mobile 4.5, uses TLS 1.2 for optimal end-to-end security. Legacy protocols may be disabled. 

Encrypted Information - Spok is committed to continually identifying ways to improve the security of our solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers. Spok Mobile 4.5 and Care Connect 1.9 include an added layer of encryption for information created during configuration that is used by web services to connect to the database.

MediCall Integration Authentication - A new authentication layer has been added for Spok Mobile integrations with the MediCall contact center suite. 

Corrected Issues

  • The Test Connection function in the Care Connect Suite Installer's Database Configuration dialog now tests for the mirror server.
  • Search by email now works on the Devices page.
  • App users no longer see results when they search the % symbol.
  • Fixed the redirect link in the error message encountered by unauthorized users attempting to navigate to the mobile web.


Spok Mobile 4.5 Hosted Deployment

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions: Spok Mobile Hosted.

The following Hosted defects were discovered and fixed during internal testing and some reports. Spok is sharing this list to demonstrate the additional value you receive from the Spok Mobile 4.5 Hosted Deployment—fixes such as these are virtually effortless for your institution to obtain.

  • Fixed potential crashes of Spok Mobile administration web pages when Care Connect Server has an older (therefore incorrect) Microsoft .NET Framework version.
  • Fixed a potential issue where users could not navigate to any Spok Mobile administration web pages due to a cipher suite mismatch.
  • Fixed a potential issue where the user was not being removed from a Spok Mobile device when the registration was deleted from the host system.
  • Fixed a potential issue where benign error messages would populate the server logs.
  • Fixed a potential issue where test builds of Spok Mobile 4.5 Hosted would fail to work in some cases.
  • Fixed a potential issue that produced SQL deadlocks in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue that produced user registration exception errors when Hosted processes approximately 50,000 registration in one day for a single tenant.
  • Fixed an issue with wrong version numbers showing in the registration form. A cosmetic issue only, the true versions were not being reported correctly, and now they are.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple registration synchronization messages would fire for each new device registration. This could decrease performance in some workloads.
  • Fixed a difficult-to-understand error message by making it more user-friendly to readers.
  • Fixed an issue where registration fails once, on the first attempt, against Enterprise (Multi-site) if the Spheres account is created and confirmed first.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed benign, duplicate session info to the Hosted administrators at Spok for several minutes when rebooting one of the load-balanced servers.
  • Fixed an issue where affected on-premise Spok Mobile deployments could not be used if Spok Mobile Hosted was in a certain state.
  • Fixed a potential issue where notification payload sent to iOS devices could be incorrect.
  • Fixed a potential issue where Delivered status might not update in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused registration emails to not be sent in some cases.

Android Features with Server 4.5

Spok Notification Framework

Spok Notification Framework - With Spok Mobile 4.5, Spok introduces the fully-secure Spok Notification Framework to provide a complete Spok Mobile experience for non-GCM Android devices such as the Zebra MC40.

  • Customer sites that have the Spok Notification Framework can support both non-GCM and GCM Android devices.
  • Non-GCM Android devices detect whether the Spok Notification Framework is configured at the customer site and automatically connect to it when detected.
  • At customer sites with both GCM and non-GCM Android device users, the GCM devices will use GCM and the non-GCM devices will use the Spok Notification Framework.
  • When a site activates or deactivates the Spok Notification Framework, the non-GCM devices will automatically update to use or not use the service.

The Spok Notification Framework requires both an on-premise upgrade to Spok Mobile Server 4.5.0, as part of Care Connect 1.9, plus the Spok Mobile 4.5.1 Android app.

Android devices that are non-GCM devices can use Spok Mobile without the Spok Notification Framework, but they do not receive notifications.

iOS Features with Server 4.5

Notification Improvements

More Notification Text - The Spok Mobile solution has been enhanced to always show the maximum amount of text in notifications as will be allowed by the device OS. Customers still have the option to disable text in notifications if that is necessary for the PHI regulations at their site.

Ability to Accept/Decline Alert Message from Notification - When a Spok Mobile alert-style message is received, using standard iOS functionality, you can accept or decline the message from the notification on the lock screen, the home screen, the notification center, or an Apple Watch.

These notification enhancements require both an on-premise upgrade to Spok Mobile Server 4.5.0, as part of Care Connect 1.9, plus the Spok Mobile 4.5.2 iOS app.

iOS 4.5.2 (September 27, 2018)

Corrected Issues

  • Unable to attach and send images in some cases.
    • Details of the issue, which is now fixed:
      Attaching images to a Spok Mobile message using Attach from Gallery or Attach from Camera would not always begin an upload as intended. When no upload occurs, the progress indicator remains at “0%.”
    • Root cause of the issue, which is now fixed:
      Beginning with Spok Mobile for iOS 4.4.3 early in 2018, the image upload process was using a shared network session with other parts of the app. If the shared network session was ever utilized by a different function in the app, images uploads were affected by slowness or no upload being performed. To fix this, we ensured that image uploads occur in a brand new session each time.

Android 4.5.1 (July 25, 2018)

Corrected Issues

  • Repeating alarms tones or "rebeeps" not functioning when a new message is received.
  • Overriding Do not Disturb on the Spok Mobile app did not work on some devices. For more information on overriding Do Not Disturb, see Tone Settings.
  • Once an image was selected using Box, a second could be selected before the first was processed.
  • Profile avatar is missing from the main app screen.

  • The status drop down should not be visible when Update Settings is in progress.

  • Image/video not attached to message when selected.

iOS 4.5.1 (July 25, 2018)

Corrected Issues

  • Repeating alarms tones or "rebeeps" not functioning when a new message is received.

For sites running Spok Mobile Server version 4.4.0-4.4.2, the "Delivered" status for messages will be displayed when the receiving user opens the Spok Mobile application. This issue was corrected in the Spok Mobile Server version 4.4.3.

Android 4.5.0 (May 31, 2018)

New Features and Enhancements

Fingerprint Access Functionality Supported on More Devices

The use of a fingerprint as an access code for Spok Mobile 4.5 is supported on most Android devices running Android 6 or higher and all Samsung devices. The app detects whether the functionality is supported on each device and makes the Enable Fingerprint setting available on compatible devices. In past versions of the app, use of a fingerprint as an access code was limited to Samsung devices.

Corrected Issues

  • Enhanced functionality so that newly uploaded profile pictures are resized automatically and show up throughout the app right away.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Android users to be unable to reply to messages that came from the contact center. This fix is effective for users associated to Spok Mobile server 4.4 and newer.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause a sender's device to display the incorrect Read status in addition to the Sending status when the recipient's device was offline.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a user tapped on an alert notification when multiple alerts arrived in quick succession.

iOS 4.5.0 (May 31, 2018)

Corrected Issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused message senders to continue to see the Sent message status after the recipient had received the message notification, and the Delivered status only once the recipient opened the message. Now that the issue is fixed, message senders see the Delivered status as soon as the recipient receives the message notification.
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems when .heic files were attached to Spok Mobile messages. These files are now automatically converted to .jpeg files, eliminating issues for iOS and Android users.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a user tapped the compose field and expanded the keyboard at the exact moment a new message was received in the thread.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a user attempted to compose a message to a non-reachable recipient.

System Requirements 

OS Version

Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
(Nano and Essentials editions are NOT supported)

Windows Server 2012 R2

Database Version

SQL Server 2016 (Standard or Enterprise)

SQL Server 2014 (Standard or Enterprise)


See Spok Mobile Support and Compatibility for more details.