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iOS Device Settings for Spok Mobile

Use the guidance on this page to configure your iPhone for Spok Mobile.

Recommended iOS Device Settings for Spok Mobile

iOS Device Settings


Steps for iPhone

Control Center Icons

Cellular data


Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data toggle ON




Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi toggle ON


Airplane mode


Settings > Airplane Mode toggle OFF




Settings > Notifications > Spok Mobile > Allow Notifications toggle ON

Not Applicable

Critical Alerts ON Settings > Notifications > Spok Mobile > Critical Alerts toggle ON Not Applicable
Banner Style Persistent Settings > Notifications > Spok Mobile > Banner Style > Persistent Not Applicable
Show Previews Always Settings > Notifications > Spok Mobile > Show Previews > Always Not Applicable
Notification Grouping OFF Settings > Notifications > Spok Mobile > Notification Grouping > Off Not Applicable

Do Not Disturb mode


Settings > Do Not Disturb > Manual toggle OFF


Background App Refresh



Settings > Spok Mobile > Background App Refresh toggle ON

Not Applicable

Low Power Mode



Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode toggle OFF




Settings > Sounds > device volume is set under RINGER AND ALERTS

Keep the device volume on and set to a clearly audible volume


The term "toggle" refers to the following button in the iPhone's Settings menus:

Spok Mobile with Focus Mode

The following steps are only required if Focus Mode is enabled on your iOS device.

  1. Enable Mute Switch Override in Spok Mobile. See Enabling and Disabling Mute Switch Override in Spok Mobile for more information.

    It is recommended to always have Mute Switch Override enabled.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Focus.
  3. Tap your desired focus mode, then tap Apps.

    If the focus mode has not been set up yet, you will need to set it up. Follow the instructions on your device.

  4. Add Spok Mobile to Allowed Apps.

Spok Mobile with Scheduled Summary

The following steps are only required if Scheduled Summary is enabled on your iOS device.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Scheduled Summary > Apps in Summary.
  2. Toggle Spok Mobile OFF.

Disabling Spok Mobile Notifications on Apple Watches 

Spok Mobile does not support the Apple Watch. However, Spok Mobile notifications are automatically sent to the Apple Watch if the Watch is integrated with a system which uses Spok Mobile for iOS. This results in the notification appearing on both your Apple Watch and your non-Watch device. For information about how to disable automatic notifications on Apple Watches, see How to Disable Spok Mobile Notifications on the Apple Watch. For more detailed information about Apple Watches, please refer to Apple’s technical documentation.